World Cup sidelines


Sir, – Hearing the score from the match between England and Panama, I was disappointed to have missed the commentary. There are always plenty of highlights from the games, but the commentary often goes unreported. This is a pity because watching pundits go from being grounded and humble to utterly carried away with themselves in a blink of an eye is always entertaining. It was easy to imagine them asking themselves whether it was too early to talk about winning the tournament, and immediately deciding that it wasn’t. No one would want to face this in-form England side.

History was going to be made, football would be coming home (and not early this time, and with a trophy). While it was easy to imagine all this, it was great to be able to read about it so soon afterwards on the Irish Times App. Thanks to Mary Hannigan for her excellent report on this important aspect of the game (TV View: Dunphy gets it right as BBC turn up England hype machine) and congratulations to England for getting out of the group stage. – Yours, etc,


Templeogue, Dublin 6W.