Clampers profit from rail strike


Sir, – On the day of the rail strike, I spent one hour in traffic to get to Carrickmines Luas stop, a journey that should take about 35 minutes. I noticed the car park nearly full and parked. The fee was €2 for the full day, which is good value.

Later, I noticed many cars that were forced to park on the approach, or on kerbs because the car park was full. None was causing an obstruction, but all had been clamped. So, after enduring delays, changing their plans, trying to use public transport, they were now faced with a fee and a further delay.

What were they supposed to do on arrival on a strike day? Go home? Go back in traffic for two more hours? Arrive in an already full city centre? At least during bus strikes, bus lanes can be used by motorists.

I am tired of the mantra that we want people out of their cars and onto public transport. As a motorist and a public transport user, I feel seriously let down by both road and transit services.

I counted 27 clamped cars. How many clamps does a standard van carry? Or were they resupplied during the day? – Yours, etc,