Bureaucracy and a moving experience


Sir, – I have not written any letters for about two months now because I was moving – downsizing, in fact. Verily is this rightly recognised as one of the greatest times of stress in a current human’s life. There are reasons for this. The total change of many routines that one had not even realised were routines. However, one of the worst areas of the stress is dealing with large companies – TV, broadband, electricity, gas, phone, mobile, etc.

I sent a registered letter with some serious complaints to one such company. This morning I got a call on my personal mobile phone from an anonymous number. The person demanded that I prove who I was. I responded that he clearly already knew who I was by asking for me by name on my personal mobile and that he should prove who he was when calling from an anonymous number. He said that if I did not prove who I was (by answering all his personal questions), he would be “unable” to help me. Guess who is more important nowadays – bullying bureaucrats or human beings? I am dreading the response from all the other companies I had to contact to try to change my address. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.