Children and a screen-based lifestyle


Sir, – Further to “We need to talk about the Irish ‘digital age of consent’” (Opinion & Analysis, July 12th), as a primary school teacher, I worry about our children’s futures in the digital age. The true joy of childhood is being eroded by our dependence on, and infatuation with, the all-consuming world of devices, apps and social media. Our ability to hold a polite, meaningful conversation has nose-dived. The effect on our ability to think critically and independently is palpable given the instant access to endless answers and information. Furthermore, an indoor, screen-based lifestyle is compounding an already alarming lack of children’s participation and interest in sport and outdoor pursuits. Streets and parks abuzz with kids running and playing are no more. It is long past time for parents to set an example for youngsters to follow regarding moderate and sensible internet use, ie no devices at the dinner table or when speaking with someone, books to be given preference over screens, and participation in sport and physical activity at every opportunity. It’s time to help them rediscover all the things that make childhood unforgettable. – Yours, etc,



Moville, Co Donegal.