Sir, - Why should people not purchase the latest Boyzone single?


- It is not as good as the original single;

None of the band can sing;

- Boyzone is a contrived artificial band whose sole function is to appeal to 5-15 year old girls who are not old enough to know good music;

- Practically every Boyzone song is a cover version;

- By buying this record, the people of Ireland are supporting the fatwah placed on Salman Rushdie in 1989. The author of this single - Cat Stevens - is a converted Islamic and has been a very active supporter of the sentence on Rushdie.

In the US there has been a wide spread boycott of anything from which Cat Stevens would gain.

will leave it to your readership to pick any one (or all?) of the above reasons. Yours, etc.,

St. Brendan's Crescent,


Dublin 12.