Bus Éireann and customer service


A chara, – Imagine a bus service where the bus doesn’t come in the morning, and when you ring the head office you are told that the bus did come.

Imagine a bus service where if the bus doesn’t come it is a private hire bus, hired in for the day and without a payment machine so no fares can be collected.

Imagine a bus service where the drivers have to ask the passengers for directions.

Imagine a bus service that arrives on the dark evenings with no number showing but with a hand-written sign stuck on the window showing the destination which no one can read because it is dark.

Imagine a bus service that continuously sends single-decker buses on a route that requires a double-decker to accommodate all its paying customers. Imagine a bus service where the “real-time” information goes from five minutes to four, then back to five, then four, then back to five , then four, then blank, then 30.

Imagine a bus company that apologises repeatedly and tells you it is “monitoring the situation” but when you ask what that means, you get silence.

Imagine a bus company delivering this service and running an advertising campaign saying, “We don’t just connect places, we connect people – Bus Éireann, making better connections”.

Well I don’t have to imagine it, as this is the reality of the Bus Éireann service to and from Straffan, Co Kildare. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.