Aftermath of O'Dea's resignation


Madam, – Was I right in hearing that Willie O’Dea resigned as Minister for Defence not because he did something wrong, but because he didn’t want to distract from the important and vital work of the Government? When are we going to get people in public office willing to hold up their hands and admit they were wrong? – Yours, etc,


Bracken Gardens,

North Circular Road, Limerick.

Madam, – Willie O’Dea’s departure from Defence has created a job vacancy. When a new appointment is made, will Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Mary Coughlan be delighted to announce the creation of a new job in Dublin? – Yours, etc,


Shandon Crescent,

Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

Madam, – With all this “bouncing” in the Dáil, does this mean they’ve stopped “Going forward”? I’m confused! – Yours, etc,


Slane, Co Meath.

Madam, – Doubtless, Victim Willie’s apotheosis has already commenced in certain quarters.

Might I suggest a more modest elevation, however, to the pantheon of Fianna Fáil greats? There, Victim Willie’s luxuriant political legacy can be set alongside those of Haughey, Lenihan Snr, Burke, Lawlor and Ahern. – Yours, etc,


Annfield View,

Castleknock, Dublin 15.

Madam, – Many have accused the Green Party of being drunk on power. Given recent events, have they now totally O’Dea-d on it? – Yours, etc,



Corofin, Co Galway.

Madam, – Amazing, a Fianna Fáil Minister falls on his word! – Yours, etc,


Countess Grove,


Co Kerry.

Madam, – Three of Fianna Fáil’s current TDs have resigned from influential positions because of scandals of their own making – Bertie Ahern, John O’Donoghue and Willie O’Dea. In the history of the State, has any government party ever been in such a situation before? – Yours, etc,


Shandon Street,


Co Waterford.

Madam, – So the Greens got off de fence. The Minister had no defence. Now Defence has no minister. All in all very sinister, – Yours, etc,


Montpelier Parade,

Monkstown, Co Dublin.

Madam, – After all these years, perhaps Fine Gael is ready and willing to coalesce with Sinn Féin. – Yours, etc,


Abbey Terrace,

Howth, Co Dublin.

Madam, – Vincent P. Martin’s article (Opinion, February 18th) was a commendable piece. Just a pity that the closing paragraph tried to tell us that the Green Party “stands for more”. Forgive us, please, but I think we’ve worked out what they stand for by now. – Yours, etc,


Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1.

Madam, – Although I cannot condone the actions of former Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea, I feel his resignation poses a major problem for Limerick city. Limerick has multiple economic and social challenges which have been compounded by the current recession.

It is vital for the interests and confidence of Limerick people that the vacant Government position is allocated to the city. Anything less will leave a void and delay the regeneration of the city that is so badly needed. – Yours, etc,


Shannon Lawn,

North Circular Road,


Madam, – As a Limerick man, I ask if Limerick city councillors and supporters of Willie O’Dea would stop generalising and being presumptuous by stating that all of Limerick supports Mr O’Dea?

They do not have right to speak for me or any other individual. What Mr O’Dea did was wrong. What he has done for Limerick is questionable. – Yours, etc,


The Village,

Adare, Co Limerick.

Madam, – In the light of recent controversy, perhaps it should be pointed out that Section 11 of the Prevention of Electoral Abuses Act, 1923 was repealed (with effect from December 9th, 1963) by Section 3 of the Electoral Act, 1963 as brought into operation by the Electoral Act, 1963 (Commencement) (No 2) Order, 1963 (SI No 245/1963) – Yours, etc,


UCD School of Law,

Belfield, Dublin 4.