Advertising junk food


Sir, – Will the Government act in following the UK government in banning all junk food adverts aimed primarily at children before 9pm?

It would make sense, especially as these adverts will be banned in Northern Ireland on the TV stations broadcasting there.

This, I feel, would make a substantial difference as children are easily influenced by the constant daily exposure of junk food adverts on TV.

In fact, all types of advertising that expose children to harmful products like alcohol and gambling should not be advertised before 9pm.

Obesity in particular is a becoming a major problem and will have major consequences for our health services in the coming years if we don’t act now to at least make some meaningful changes in relation to our children’s health and wellbeing.

I would ask the Minister for Health to take on board the advice of health officials who have called for some sort of ban on this type of advertising. – Yours, etc,