‘Things that were big in my childhood’


Sir, – Thanks to Mary Minihan for triggering memories of “Things that were big in my childhood that mean nothing to my children” (Life, June 23rd).

My childhood memories were of trolley cars that we as kids and dads helped make from old pram wheels, axles and small planks of wood.

They were painted to the nines in vibrant colours, complete with handbrake levers and whatever our imaginations required.

The small ball-bearing wheels were most exciting and closer to the ground with their unique sound.

We raced on footpaths at what seemed like supersonic speeds, desperately steering around corners with a bit of rope, with up to three on board, others pushing at your back, sometimes tumbling off with a graze and scrape.

Pit stops for essential repairs and a rub of the grazed knees and we were off out again.

Ah, such great fun and fond memories of playing outdoors with friends and neighbours. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.

Sir, – Norman Byrne’s grandmother, who watched snooker on a black-and-white TV with the sound switched off (Letters, June 23rd), will have missed commentator Ted Lowe’s famous comment, “And for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green.” – Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.