A shared island


A chara, – Anthony O’Leary (Letters, September 11th) appears to think that, in the event of a united Ireland, nationalists and republicans will have to be house-trained before they can rejoin the people who abandoned them in the first place.

While we are all glad to see peace on our island, there are many on both sides of the Border who are proud of the sacrifices made in the struggle against British rule at various times in our history.

Unionists and loyalists will of course never “consent” to reunification. Most will continue with the delusion of loyalty to a British state which, as we have seen throughout the ongoing Brexit debacle, more or less ignores Belfast in its strategic planning.

Some will even use violence to defend it, no matter what is done to tickle their bellies.

So be it.

Heaven knows they will not be the first people in Ireland to find themselves living in a jurisdiction they find objectionable. – Is mise,