A promise to sit if they stand


Sir, – Now that the long-expected UK election has finally been scheduled, one wonders how the Northern Ireland politicians who have failed to sit at Stormont since January 2017 can dare to face the electorate.

Regardless of whether one supports or opposes the law changes recently imposed on Northern Ireland by Westminster in relation to abortion and same-sex marriage, it seems shameful that the continuing absence of a working assembly in Belfast denied the people of Northern Ireland a critical voice, through a local assembly, in shaping such momentous developments.

Those now about to seek election, and in particular the current MLAs who have been paid, collectively, a reported £15 million in salaries since Stormont last sat, should be required to undertake that, if elected, they will do the job they are asking to be given.

Surely the people of Northern Ireland deserve nothing less. – Yours, etc,


Cabinteely, Dublin 18.