A non-uniform approach


Sir, – It was truly heartwarming to see the faces of so many enthusiastic young children on their return to school. However, I was both perplexed and saddened to see many of these young children dressed as I was when I started school – in black shoes, a skirt or trousers, a shirt and a jumper or cardigan.

Ireland has alarming rates of physical inactivity and obesity in childhood. The approach to addressing these issues must be multifaceted.

However, small changes can have a powerful impact. Being dressed in attire such as running shoes and tracksuit enables children to be active at every opportunity that may present itself during the course of their school day. It is a step toward creating an environment in which being active is the norm.

I would urge boards of management to reconsider uniform choices for children to help give them every opportunity to lead a long, healthy, active life in which their minds can flourish. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 22.