A new plan for capital’s sewage


A chara, – The plan suggested by Féidhlim Harty and Ollan Herr (Letters, June 26th) and involving pumping sewage from Dublin to willow plantations seems like a great idea.

But which department would take this on board and execute it? We have various departments all which seem to work, not work, or even compete with each other. The good of the country and environment seems to be lost within all of this.

Those in charge of roads, the parks and the Department of the Environment, appear to have no joined up thinking with the view to what we /they want to achieve.

We have the most fantastic amenity around Dublin Bay and our other coastal cities, which is the sea and our beautiful “safe” beaches.

Weeks have been lost already this year because of restriction on bathing due to pollution. As a sea swimmer I and the growing numbers of others continue to swim in the sea, allowing a day or two of abstinence following notices of pollution.

One of my concerns is that while we’re all aware of Enterococci bacteria causing gastric upset and other “nasties” causing ear, nose, throat and lung infections , also flushed down our toilets are the waste products of antibiotic, chemo therapy, steroidal therapy, hormonal contraceptive and replacement therapies.

I imagine the residue from these treatments would do less harm to the willows inland (though the willows might disagree) than to the sea life and the life of year-round sea swimmers and the general population who enjoys marine activities also. – Is mise,


Dublin 16.