A' Level standards


Madam, - Sean Flynn (June 4th) outlined findings of a study by the Education Department at Oxford, on behalf of UCAS, on comparison between the academic standards of the Irish Leaving Certificate and UK A' levels.

The conclusion is that Leaving subjects at Higher Level compare favourably with British A' levels.

It has been assumed by many that A' levels in the UK were of a much higher standard than Higher level subjects at Leaving Certificate. In the light of the Oxford study, I hope that UCAS, on behalf of the UK universities, makes adjustments to the entrance requirements for those offering the Irish Leaving Certificate.

The current situation is that two Irish Leaving Certificate subjects are taken to be roughly equivalent to one A' Level subject. As far as I know, a reverse of this approach is in place in our universities for candidates offering A' levels. - Yours, etc.,


Engineering Teacher,

Community School,


Co Donegal.