‘A lament for mercurial Trump’


Sir, – In 2016, when Donald Trump got elected, I had a civilised conversation with an American acquaintance who identified herself as someone who had helped to put him in power. I said that, while I would not have voted for him, now that he was in power, I recognised that he was likely to be a disruptor, and that “perhaps the system needed some disruption”.

Well, we’ve had more than enough of that. His efforts were accompanied by a total lack of responsibility for global issues, in which the US has a deep historical stake, rank misogyny, total and absolute hypocrisy in order to garner the religious vote, and a level of bad taste that was shocking even by the standards set by certain elements of American society heretofore.

After all of that I still applaud Maureen O’Dowd’s decision to let her Trumpist brother have the platform of her column (“‘A brother’s lament for mercurial Trump”, Opinion, World, November 30th). – Yours, etc,


Dublin 14.