A beast of a number


Sir, – Last night I overheard discussions on the merits and demerits of TD Michael Healy Rae’s proposal to use an annotation other than 13 on car registration plates next year.

Those for the idea thought it a sensible proposal that may assuage some people’s fears about bad luck associated with the number. Those against the proposal thought it was a nonsense aimed at getting the TD’s name into the media.

The thought struck me that I have never heard any discussion of the use by State agencies of the numbers 666.

My understanding was that that particular series of numbers was never used in post codes, licence plates or telephone numbers, etc, in countries with a Christian heritage.

Practically all departments within An Garda Síochána and all Dublin stations now carry 666 as part of their phone numbers.

I am interested to know why and by whom this policy was shifted and if anybody else shares my curiosity. – Yours, etc,


Marina Village,

Malahide, Co Dublin.