1916 and ‘inclusivness’


A chara, – I am amazed by newly appointed Minister Heather Humphreys’s widely reported comments that the upcoming 1916 commemorations belong to everyone. They do not!

The Easter Rising “belongs” to those people who subscribe to the principles of the proclamation, who are republicans, and who agree with the decision to stage an armed revolution to achieve those principles. If you do not – and many people choose not to subscribe to the foregoing – then it’s patently obvious that the commemoration of the Easter Rising does not belong to you.

Ms Humpreys is, like a growing number of public figures, engaged in manipulating our history in order to dilute its message and meaning, which still prove uncomfortable and challenging.

We would do well to monitor carefully the proposed commemorations for 1916 as it is obvious that in the hands of this shameful Government, with its imperial allegiances, the commemorations will be downgraded and abused. Is mise le meas,


Shantalla Drive,

Dublin 9

Sir, – The new 68c stamp commemorating the first World War features a recruitment poster picturing John Redmond with the message: “Your first duty is to take your part in ending the war – John Redmond, Waterford 23/08/1915”. Surely the views on the war of another Irish leader of the period also deserve such recognition. The relevant quotation is a bit long but perhaps it could be accommodated to postage stamp size: “Heroism has come back to earth. The old heart of the earth needed to be warmed with the red wine of the battlefields. Such august homage was never before offered to God as this, the homage of millions of lives gladly given for love of country. – Padraig Pearse, Dublin 04/12/1915.” – Yours, etc,


Upper Fitzwilliam Street,

Dublin 2