Brexit campaign criticised after flying plane over Jo Cox service

Anti-EU side labelled ‘disgusting’ after interrupting London rally with Leave banner

Brexit campaigners have been branded "disgusting" after a plane carrying a banner urging people to vote to leave the EU interrupted a memorial service for Jo Cox.

The plane carrying a banner with the word "Leave" emblazoned on it swooped overhead as crowds gathered in London's Trafalgar Square for a rally in tribute to the Labour MP, who was murdered last week.

Onlookers reportedly muttered that the stunt was “disgusting” as the plane repeatedly swooped overhead as MsCox’s husband Brendan paid tribute to his wife on the stage below.

Twitter reaction


Labour MP Stella Creasy wrote on Twitter: "voteleave flying your plane over the memorial tribute to Jo Cox in Trafalgar Square is beyond low. Have some self-respect and disappear!"

In a series of tweets the Mirror journalist and political pundit Kevin Maguire wrote: "Have the Leave campaigners no shame? Plane flying a banner just flew over the Jo Cox gathering in Trafalgar Square.

“People muttered ‘disgusting’ as the Leave aircraft with the banner flew back over as Jo Cox’s husband Brendan talked about his dead wife.

“Somebody in the Leave camp should radio the pilot unless it is deliberately provocative. Back over the Jo Cox event a third time.”

A spokesman for the official Leave campaign denied it was its plane.