Winehouse in the doghouse


SMALL PRINT:AMY WINEHOUSE’S seeming inability to get her career back on track continued with one of her worst performances to date in Serbia last weekend.

For Winehouse, (right), a “worst performance ever” is always more shambolic and more tragic than anyone else’s. Just days out of rehab (again), for some reason her management and minders allowed her to take to the stage hardly able to walk, and certainly not able to sing. Now, some of her other European dates have been cancelled as the industry and fans alike wonder if she can ever sort herself out sufficiently to have some kind of normal career.

As she hits another bump, we survey the Top Five Winehouse Kamikaze Moments Ever:

Tubridy Tonight

In November 2006, Winehouse appeared on Tubridy Tonight painfully thin, drunk and barely holding it together in a live performance of Rehab. Missing musical cues and stumbling would become the format of her live shows from then on.

The punch-up

At Glastonbury in 2008 Winehouse was just out of hospital, where she had been treated for emphysema, and the crowds gathered to see if she could pull off a decent show. Singing Rehab up close to the barriers, she lashed out at a fan, punching them three times.


In May 2008, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Pete Doherty and Winehouse playing with baby mice, talking rather incoherently, with Winehouse using one of the mice to mime “Blake, please don’t divorce me,” in reference to her then husband.

Videoed drug use

In early 2008, the Sun published a video of Winehouse allegedly smoking crack in her home. In 2007, a video was uploaded of her supposedly removing a vial of cocaine from her beehive and snorting it while on stage.

Street fighter

In August 2007, Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil were photographed in London covered in bruises and scratches, with blood seeping through her ballet shoes and the knee of her jeans.–