Warrant issued on computer virus charges


A warrant was issued yesterday for the arrest of the first person in the State to be charged with introducing a virus into a computer system.

Mr Paul O'Connor, Winter garden Apartments, Pearse Street, Dublin, is charged with unauthorised access, possession of matter to cause damage and attempting to damage a computer system at South Great George's Street, Dublin, last April. He was due before Dublin District Court yesterday following an adjournment in January.

Det Sgt Noel Crotty said he believed Mr O'Connor was in Finland where his wife was from. He had left his job without giving notice, and gardai were seeking a warrant. Mr John Woods, his solicitor, sought a further adjournment. Judge Sean MacBride said he would issue the warrant but should exercise discretion should be exercised in executing it.

Mr O'Connor could arrange to meet gardai through his solicitor and there would be no question of him not getting bail.