Ulster Bank credit card payments not processed


A number of payments made from Ulster Bank accounts have not been processed to Ulster Bank credit cards, it emerged this afternoon.

The problem with credit card balances arose because of the recent technical failure which left almost 600,000 customers without access to funds for over a month.

The bank said normal service has now been restored for the majority of customers, but “given the scale of the incident, the clean up continues and a small percentage of outstanding transactions are being processed”, which includes some credit card transactions.

A spokeswoman for the bank said the issue with credit card balances was one of “high priority” and would be processed this evening.

“We are fully confident that it will be resolved with customer credit card balances up-to-date tomorrow,” she said.

It is not known how many credit card customers have been affected.

Ulster Bank chief executive Jim Brown said on Monday that the bank has set aside “tens of millions of euro” to cover refunds and compensation for customers affected by the technical error, but details have not yet been announced.