Thousands of workers not paid due to technical issues at bank


ULSTER BANK has apologised for the major technical issue behind the continued delay in its ability to process payments meaning certain transactions, including salaries and social welfare payments, were failing to appear in accounts.

In a statement posted on its website last night, Ulster Bank said it wished to “apologise unreservedly” to customers who continued to experience delays in the processing of certain payments, adding that 80 of its branches would extend their opening hours until 7pm today to facilitate customers who are unable to get to a branch during normal opening hours.

“We have been working throughout the day to minimise the impact for our customers and customers of other banks. We continue to work to resolve this issue and to minimise the impact. We will ensure that those who are affected do not suffer any financial loss, the statement read.

The Health Service Executive said approximately 40,000 staff had been affected, while the bank said up to 100,000 of its customers had been hit in some way.

ATM and Anytime services are also operational, but are reflecting the one-day delay.

The HSE said that the technical glitch might delay the lodgment of salary payments due to be made to some staff.

It is understood that the problem will affect only some HSE staff, as different payroll set-ups mean some are paid weekly while others are on a fortnightly and monthly payroll.

The HSE said the bank had recommended that anyone due payments yesterday who needed access to their money should go to their local branch with the details and identification. The problem is affecting both UK and Irish divisions of the bank.