Hydroventure: Spin Cycle


 Nintendo, 3DS ****

Physics-based puzzlers work well on the 3DS, and Hydroventure is no exception. You take control of a puddle of water (name: Eddy) through different worlds inside a storybook, fighting the evil Goop and saving the Rainbow Spirits. The difference here is that you have to physically move the 3DS to do it. It takes into account the 3DS gyroscope, so you have to tilt and rotate the console to navigate some of the trickier turns. At times you’ll have to harness the power of some of Eddy’s alternate forms (ice, vapour) to complete your task. It can be difficult to control Eddy – he is water after all – but it’s worth persevering. There are puzzle pieces that, when collected, will open up extra play areas, but they are well hidden throughout the different levels so it’s all the more rewarding when you find them all and unlock new areas. There’s no 3D element to Hydroventure: Spin Cycle, but in truth, it’s not missed. A fun addition from the eShop.