Solicitor 'may have' told PA to get advice


Adam Clayton’s solicitor has told a trial that he may have advised a personal assistant of the U2 band member to seek legal advice over suspicions she had been stealing from him.

Philip Lee told the trial of Carol Hawkins, the former PA of Mr Clayton accused of stealing almost €3 million, that he recovered a laptop from her home after Mr Clayton made him aware of concerns over financial and confidentiality matters.

Hawkins (48) of Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to 181 counts of theft from two of Mr Clayton’s Bank of Ireland accounts. Mr Lee agreed with defence counsel Ken Fogarty SC, that Ms Hawkins was “saddened” when he visited her. She had told him her husband John had left her and he had little contact with their children.

He said she indicated that he had left her without any support and when she expressed concern about debts and rent, he suggested she go to a counsellor.

He told defence counsel he “may have” told Ms Hawkins to get a solicitor in view of the suspicion over the missing €90,000.