Has remote working allowed you have a better work-life balance?

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The world of work has changed utterly over the past couple of years with many employees now engaged in full or part-time remote working, an option they might never have thought possible.

For some it has led to a greater work life balance, for others it has made it difficult to disconnect from work.

CSO data from the Personal and Work-Life Balance 2021 survey, published on Tuesday, revealed nearly four in 10 (39 per cent) of workers were remote working at some stage during 2021. One in 12 employees (8 per cent) had availed of some form of remote working before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The data showed employees who worked mostly from home, with a mix of office, hub or travel, were most satisfied with both their job (92 per cent) and life as a whole (94 per cent).


How have you found the experience? Are you being facilitated to continue working remotely indefinitely?

Is hybrid working an option or if you must return to your place of work, are you seeking rented accommodation close to your employment again? Have you found this challenging due to supply and cost issues?

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