Sight of the bumble bee: Dublin buzzes over mysterious graffiti

Electricity boxes, litterbins and walls used as canvas for Banksy-style drawings

Dublin 6 is experiencing a bee invasion of sorts. Street art depicting a faceless bee, occasionally holding clover, can be seen on many walls in Rathmines and Portobello. We’d love to know what it’s all about. Video: Bryan O'Brien


There’s a buzz about town. Somebody has been busy in south county Dublin, adding a touch of cartoon colour to the local streetscapes with a series of mysterious graffiti bees.

Who and why are the outstanding questions, but on power boxes, litterbins and walls, the small figure of a friendly bee standing on two legs, many with a green flower attached, have pollinated the ubiquitous redbrick walls of Dublin 6.

In a Banksy-style cloud of intrigue, the question is where will the next bumble bee land next?