Rallies in support of Fiona Doyle


Two protest rallies in support of sexual abuse survivor Fiona Doyle are planned for Saturday.

Both protests have been organised through 'Justice for Fiona Doyle', a Facebook group which has gathered over 7,600 supporters since it was created on Monday.

Creators of the page say it was set up “to give people the opportunity to support and voice their disgust” at sentencing in the case.

The first rally, a “standing demonstration”, is set to take place between 12pm and 2pm outside Dáil Éireann on Kildare Street. Attendees have been asked to bring banners and black helium balloons “to signify the death of justice in the Irish legal system”.

The second protest, described as a ‘peace protest’ is scheduled to start at Bray Town Council offices on Main Street in Bray at 4pm. Organisers say protesters will then follow a route to Old Court on the Boghall Road.

“Old Court Avenue, Bray”, was the address given to the court by Patrick O'Brien, Fiona Doyle’s father, who was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting her over a nine-year period from 1973.

A separate online petition, “Show your support for justice for Fiona Doyle”, has received over 900 signatures.

Fiona Doyle's daughter Kristel O'Brien (26) today said “words could not describe” what she would say to her mother's abuser.

“I would love to shout and scream and call him a rapist and tell him that he killed the child inside my mother,” she told TV3 news.

Ms O'Brien said her mother was “blank” at the moment. She said she was “having some quiet time, some family time, but she will come back, I know she will”.