Referendum counts: Coverage on

Live blog starts at 8.30am with in-depth analysis and political reaction over the weekend

Follow the referendums and byelection counts on on Saturday, where our journalists will be bringing you the latest news and analysis as the results of the same-sex marriage referendum, the Presidential age referendum and the Carlow-Kilkenny byelection are revealed.

Irishtimes. com will provide a detailed results and news service for each constituency throughout the day coupled with incisive analysis from our political team.

Here’s how the count will play out.

Saturday 8.30am: Join Hugh Linehan and Dan Griffin for the count liveblog which will bring you up-to-the minute news from when counting starts at 9am until the final results are complete.


Ballots for the same-sex marriage referendum will be counted first, followed by ballots for the referendum on the age of presidential eligibility. The votes for the byelection will begin Saturday morning in Kilkenny.

First results for the same-sex marriage referendum are expected to emerge around mid-morning with a result becoming clear in the afternoon. Results in the presidential age referendum are expected to emerge later in the afternoon, with the byelection result expected on Saturday evening.

On Saturday and Sunday our political team will bring their expertise to bear on the results as they emerge.

• Political editor Stephen Collins will examine what the results mean politically.

• Fintan O’Toole will examine the meaning of the result of the same-sex marriage referendum.

• Political Correspondent Fiach Kelly will analyse the Yes and No campaigns and what impact these had on the same sex marriage result.

• Ruadhán MacCormaic will explain what happens next in terms of same sex marriage?

• We will also look at whether the opinion polls got it right?

• Political Correspondent Harry McGee will analyse the results of the Carlow-Kilkenny byelection.

• Irish Times Deputy Editor Denis Staunton, Breda O'Brien and Noel Whelan will look at the implications of the same sex-marriage referendum result.

Other elements of our coverage will include:

Video - reports from the key count centres and a vox pop once the results are clear.

Gallery - Images from the counts as the winners and losers react.

International reaction - a selection of the international reaction to the result of the same-sex marriage referendum vote.

Interactive timeline - Trace the debate around same-sex marriage to this weekend’s vote.