Fianna Fáil will be happy, Sinn Féin thrilled but keep an eye on the Greens

Fine Gael has been confronted with its own unpopularity and its leader has seen his popularity slump

One week down, 2½ to go – and it’s all to play for. But winning a third term in government will be very much an uphill battle for Fine Gael, which is facing challenges from Fianna Fáil, from the Green Party – and from a resurgent Sinn Féin.

The first campaign poll for The Irish Times by Ipsos MRBI will calm nerves in Fine Gael after a weekend poll had the party a massive 12 points behind Fianna Fáil. But it also shows the extent to which Fine Gael support has fallen before the election – right at the time that the party needed it to increase.

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