Petrol bomb 'factory' found in Belfast


Police in Northern Ireland have discovered what they have described as a petrol bomb factory in north Belfast.

The find comes after sectarian violence in that area of the city on Friday and Saturday.

Included in the find were three crates containing 50 primed petrol bombs along with 300 bottles at Clanchatten Street close to the flashpoint area of Limestone Road.

A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said one man was arrested for disorderly behaviour during the search.

The find followed rioting in Serpentine Gardens, Thorburn Gardens and Gunnell Hill when petrol bomb were thrown at houses.

Police and soldiers intervened between loyalists and nationalists who clashed at Limestone Road, Duncairn Gardens and Hallidays Road, with hundreds of people on the streets.

On Friday, several PSNI officers were injured and three people were arrested.

Last week, 16-year-old Glen Hugh Branagh died when a crude bomb exploded in his hand.