PRINCE CHARLES (48) is preparing to start a more open life with Camilla Parker Bowles (49) and the couple could eventually appear together regularly in public, according to the Sunday Times.

However, the report was dismissed as speculation by a spokeswoman for the prince.a Last month, the Daily Mirror said Ms Parker Bowles had been allocated a bedroom at Highgrove, the prince's home in the west of England.

A Spanish film festival screened a short pornographic film purporting to show a young Marilyn Monroe engaging in explicit sex acts. But viewers at Spain's First Record and Film Collectors Festival were sceptical about the identity of the actress.

Mikel Barsa, promoter of the 1947 film, said he had sold 40 copies for $260,000 each to international distributors by the end of the day at the festival in Vilaseca, south of Barcelona.

South Bank Show presenter Melvyn Bragg will not be applying for the Channel 4 chief executive's job. The 56 year old novelist and producer, who was tipped to take over from Michael Grade when he leaves in July, said it would take a hugely tempting offer to make him leave ITV.

"I am very happy where I am, thank you," he said.

The £4.5 million production of Sunset Boulevard is to close in April because its backers seem unable to replace singers Petula Clark, the last in a long line of stars to play Norma Desmond at London's Adelphi Theatre.