A legal battle over the estate of rock star Michael Hutchence is going on began behind closed doors in the Queensland Supreme Court but is not expected to be resolved for months.

The late INXS lead singer's mother and sister are at loggerheads with the estate's Hong Kong-based executor, Andrew Morrison Paul, over the ownership of assets held in trust. Tens of millions of pounds worth of property, shares, bank accounts and income from his music is held in trust in tax havens stretching from Hong Kong to the Virgin Islands.

Hutchence's will gives half of his wealth to his small daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily and equal shares to his mother, father, brother, sister and his lover, Paula Yates.

Paralysed actor Christopher Reeve plays the part James Stewart immortalised in the original production of Rear Window, a remake of which has its debut on Sunday in New York. Reeve, confined to a wheelchair after a riding accident, plays the man who witnesses murder from his apartment window. Daryl Hannah takes the role originally played by Grace Kelly.

The Spice Girls are talking to cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden about their own range of perfumes. The group advertised a cheap and cheerful body spray last year, but now apparently wants to appeal to a slightly older age group.