Pact ends Achill rooster row


The so-called Achill "rooster row" has been resolved following a signed agreement between the two parties involved which was handed in at Westport Circuit Court yesterday.

Judge Harvey Kenny had jailed Mrs Moira Gallagher, (64), Achill Sound, for contempt of court for failure to obey a court order to build a wall between herself and her neighbour, Mr Peter Masterson.

He complained that Mrs Gallagher had removed a hedge on his property, and he objected to a noisy rooster. She was jailed for contempt by Judge Kenny and spent 14 days in Mountjoy. However, a campaign led by a local curate secured her release on condition she purged her contempt.

At Westport Court yesterday the issue was adjourned until March 5th to allow the wall to be built, although there was no mention of the rooster.