Motorist driving at 118 m.p.h. has charge struck out


A driver who was caught speeding at 118 m.p.h. on the N2 between Castleblayney and Monaghan had the charge struck out by a judge yesterday after his lawyer said he was hurrying home to see his sick mother.

Shopkeeper Mr Peter McBride, of Castle Manor, Omagh, Co Tyrone, was prosecuted for the offence at Monaghan District Court.

Garda Insp Pat McMorrow told Judge David Maughan that Mr McBride was intercepted by Garda John Clancy of the Garda Road Traffic Unit on July 13th last travelling at 118 m.p.h. on the N2 at Castleshane, Co Monaghan, where a 60 m.p.h. limit applied.

A defence lawyer claimed in court that Mr McBride was on holiday abroad when he received word that his 80-year-old mother had suddenly fallen ill.

His client had cut short the holiday, and was in a hurry back from the airport when the offence occurred. It was 1 a.m. and there was no other traffic on the road.

Insp McMorrow said gardaí considered the speed at which the defendant was travelling as "inexcusable". It was this type of driving which they were targeting to improve road safety.

After a further plea from the accused's lawyer, and an undertaking by Mr McBride not to drive over the speed limit, Judge Maughan struck out the charge upon the payment of a contribution of €1,500 to Monaghan Neighbourhood Youth Project.