McDonagh gets UCC governing body post


The new chairman of the UCC governing body is the Rev Prof Enda McDonagh. The announcement was made at the meeting of the governing body, which was chaired by UCC's new president, Dr Gerard T. Wrixon.

The appointment is of historical significance because the role of chairman has been separated from that of president of the university for the first time.

Welcoming the appointment, Dr Wrixon said: "I look forward very much to working with Prof McDonagh and I have no doubt whatsoever but that he will make a major contribution to the governance of the university in the years ahead."

Prof McDonagh was formerly professor of moral theology and canon law at St Patrick's College, Maynooth. He held the chair there for more than 36 years and also held the posts of director of postgraduate studies in theology as well as dean of the faculty of theology.

For many years Prof McDonagh was an elected member of the Senate of the National University of Ireland and he also served as a member of the Higher Education Authority. When Mrs Mary Robinson was president, he was her official chaplain and also served as president of the National Conference of Priests in Ireland.

On his appointment yesterday, he said: "I am very pleased to have been asked to take up the position of chairperson of UCC's governing body and I look forward to working with the members under the leadership of the new president, Dr Wrixon, during the exciting time ahead".

Prof Wrixon succeeds Prof Michael Mortell, who has influenced the university greatly during his decade in office.