Man wins court case over anti-balding treatment


A JUDGE has awarded damages to a man suffering hair loss who had gone to a clinic in Dublin to undergo a hair restoration procedure.

Judge Raymond Groarke held it would have been ridiculous for garage worker Jeremy Keogh to have believed that having a wig or membrane glued to his head would cause his hair to regrow.

He said Mr Keogh (29), St Killian’s Crescent, Staplestown Road, Co Carlow, had succeeded however in convincing the court he had not been provided with what he thought he had purchased at Advanced Hair Studios, Dublin, in March 2009.

At the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin yesterday, Judge Groarke told John P Kehoe, for Mr Keogh, that the wording of the contract left Advanced Hair Studios, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, open to any amount of claims.

In the judge’s view, a potential customer should be given a video and documentation which set out in the simplest of terms and the utmost clarity what exactly it was that the customer was buying.

Judge Groarke said this had not been done and Mr Keogh had paid €3,600 for what was a hairpiece.

“People who seek treatment of this nature might potentially be somewhat vulnerable and, to leave the matter beyond doubt, documentation in simple terms should be furnished to them,” he said.

Judge Groarke said Mr Keogh had experienced great difficulty, with glue appearing on the side of his head. No single individual had dealt with him and when he complained about it he had been seen by seven different managers.

Awarding Mr Keogh €5,100 for breach of contract, including a modest sum for general damages, Judge Groarke said Mr Keogh had been quite distraught and had suffered anxiety about his hair.