Jones lawyers want million from Clinton


Washington - The lawyers acting for Ms Paula Jones who have made a final demand in the four-year sexual harassment action against President Clinton are seeking a payment of $1 million from the president as part of an overall $2 million settlement, Martin Kettle reports.

In addition to Mr Clinton's $1 million, the second million would come from a New York property dealer, Mr Abe Hirschfeld, who has already offered to provide the money as a means to facilitate a deal. However, agreement is still likely to falter on the fact that Mr Clinton's lawyers have refused to pay more than $700,000, without accepting liability.

The main difficulty in reaching a settlement is no longer the bitter disagreement between Ms Jones and Mr Clinton over who did what to whom in a Little Rock hotel suite in 1991. It is the squabble among all of Ms Jones's unpaid lawyers over who gets how much of any money that Mr Clinton finally agrees to pay.