Irish in UK urged to make it count


Those with Irish descent in the United Kingdom are being encouraged on St Patrick's Day to tick the Irish box in Census 2011.

The Federation of Irish Societies - the representative body of the Irish voluntary and community groups in the United Kingdom - is leading a "How Irish Are You?" census campaign that aims to instill sense of pride in having Irish roots.

Commenting, Jennie McShannon, the organisation’s CEO, said: “We are engaged in a national campaign to celebrate Irishness across the country. We are enormously proud of our culture which is why we are encouraging 2nd and 3rd generation Irish people to register their Irish ethnicity on their census forms.”

An advertising drive to promote the campaign is being supported by personalities such as Terry Wogan, John Bird - founder of the Big Issue, Niall Quinn, Mick McCarthy and broadcaster Terry Christian.

The federation believes was an undercount of the number of Irish people who registered their Irishness in 2001, and that a more accurate count will lead to better allocation of government resources for the Irish community in future.

The campaign's website can be found at