Video: Battle of the team tunes hots up ahead of All-Ireland

Cork and Clare fans put passion into their musical offerings

"Do the Jimmy Barry Murphy" is the follow up to the 2010 hit "Give Us Back Sam Maguire".


It may not be one that you can sing from the stands but Cork’s theme tune, “Do the Jimmy Barry Murphy”, for this year’s All-Ireland hurling final is certainly memorable.

Fictional character Davey Sullz (played by GMC) rhymes along to a hip-hop beat which includes a remix of Mark Morrison’s return of the mack, however, in this case it’s Liam Mac.

With lyrics like “the Dubs thought they could do it that’s laughable, they could never beat the real capital” - and references to call the ISPCA over “animal abuse” for beating the “cats” - the tune documents the rebel county’s progression to the final.

Clare’s song by MC Banner and the Kilalloolas combines music from Depeche Mode with a repetition of it’s title words “The Banner’s Back Again”.

The lyrics note that “flags are flying” for Davy Fitz’s men and people are “going mad in Cratloe, they’re going mad in Quin”.

Fans of both will have to wait until Sunday to see if they will get their “hands on Liam McCarthy [AND HEAD]back to Cork for a non-stop party” or whether the trophy will be heading for one that’s “big” and “blue” in Clare.