Schools around the country take part in #Gaeilge24 challenge

Students join 24-hour Irish speaking challenge in over 270 schools across Ireland

Students at Presentation School, Wexford, where 400 students are taking part in this year’s #Gaeilge24.

Students at Presentation School, Wexford, where 400 students are taking part in this year’s #Gaeilge24.


Thousands of children are taking part in a 24-hour Irish speaking initiative in more than 270 schools around the country today.

More than 25,000 students are expected to take part in #Gaeilge24 in English-medium, Irish-medium, and Gaeltacht primary and post-primary schools in the 32 counties of Ireland. Students at third-level are also participating.

Now in its ninth year, the goal of the Conradh na Gaeilge-organised initiative is to encourage young people to speak Irish for 24 hours and to promote the use of the language both inside and outside of the classroom

Organisers say the event will help improve fluency and can be of assistance to students preparing for the Irish oral examination which is worth 40 per cent of the overall mark at Leaving Cert level.

The experience of using Irish in a shared activity outside the school setting will also play a role in building respect for others while also helping students become more aware of the extent to which Irish surrounds them.

“A positive attitude towards the language is encouraged in young people in a fun and relevant way through Gaeilge24,” said Niall Comer, president of Conradh na Gaeilge.

This year’s event is focused on wellbeing and schools have been issued with a pack including a programme of suggested activities for the day and tutorial videos to watch in class. A certificate will be awarded to each student for taking part.

Schools have also been issued with a phrase book to help students with phrases and words for use in different social settings including at home (sa bhaile), in shops (sa siopa), online (ar líne) and with their friends (le cáirde).

“We have sent thousands of support packs to schools north and south over the last few days, and we at Conradh na Gaeilge are excited that the Irish language will be used by over 25,000 students as part of Gaeilge24 throughout the island today,” said Aodhán Ó Deá, director of development with Conradh na Gaeilge.

“This year, Gaeilge24 is focusing on wellbeing. Taking care of yourself, especially young people, from exercise to mindfulness, is very important to be at your healthiest,” he added.

Messages of support have been posted to social media channels using the hashtag #Gaeilge24. Well-known personalities including Dublin footballer Ciarán Kilkenny, Cork hurler and All Star nominee Seán O’Donoghue and 2019 Love Island winner Greg O’Shea have posted messages on Twitter.

Funds raised on the day go towards Conradh na Gaeilge to support the promotion of Irish throughout Ireland.

Frásaí don Lá/Phrases for the Day

Ní bheidh ach Gaeilge á labhairt agam don lá - I’ll only be speaking as Gaeilge for the day.

Táim ar bís faoin dúshlán, beidh lá iontach againn! - I’m really excited about the challenge, we’ll have a great day!

Sa Bhaile & Bia/ At Home & Food

Maidin mhaith! - Good Morning!

Céard atá ann don dinnéar? - What’s for dinner?

An bhfuil milseoig uait? - Do you want dessert?

Táim lán go béal! - I’m stuffed!

An bhfuil aon mhilseán agat? - Do you have any sweets?

An bhfuil an seomra folctha saor? - Is the bathroom free?

Tá traenáil peile agam ag a 6 - I have football training at 6 o’clock

An bhfuil sinseáil agat? - Do you have change?

Oíche mhaith! - Good night!

Sa Siopa - In the shop

An bhfuil aon rud uait ón siopa? - Do you want anything from the shop?

Cén costas atá air sin? - How much does that cost?

An bhfuil aon mhála plaisteach agaibh? - Do you have any plastic bags?

Cé acu atá níos saoire? - Which one is cheaper?

Tá siad ró-chostasach - They are too expensive

Go raibh míle maith agat! - Thanks a million!