Macnas returns to streets of Galway

Street theatre group has received support from Galway City Council


Street theatre group Macnas has confirmed that it will be returning to the streets of Galway at Hallowe’en, following its absence from this year’s arts festival.

The company says it has been “overwhelmed by the support” it has received from a number of city interests, and says this has been “instrumental in ensuring that the parade takes place this year”.

A funding appeal may be initiated to help to cover the cost of the Hallowe’en event, planned for early evening on Sunday October 27th. However, it has secured support from Galway City Council and several city business groups, including the “Latin Quarter” and West End traders and the Galway Clinic.

Talks between Macnas and the Galway Arts Festival broke down earlier this year in a disagreement over funding. Alternative street performances were provided over the arts festival weekend in July. The parade had been an integral part of the festival for 26 years, with several breaks to stage theatre.

The company says it is committed to maintaining what has now become a city tradition, and says the parade is a “unique event embodying Galway’s reputation as a cultural hub and a great place to live and visit”.

With resources becoming much scarcer nationally and locally, it is vital that we get the whole city onboard to ensure that this free, creative event can continue into the future,” Macnas general manager Sharon O’Grady saidtoday.Macnas has performed a number of “boutique street shows” this year in a number of locations extending from north Mayo to Tipperary, and appeared at the Kilkenny Arts Festival and Dublin Fringe.