Last chance on Luas row before ‘serious consequences’ - Transdev

Luas drivers for 24-hour strike on Friday in campaign for improved pay and conditions


Luas operator Transdev has told staff there will be one last chance to resolve the current dispute at the light rail system before “serious consequences arise”.

It warned that long-term job security and decent pay and conditions will be “compromised” if industrial action continued.

Luas drivers are set to stage a 24-hour strike on Friday as part of their campaign for improved pay and conditions.

The stoppage will cause travel disruption to about 90,000 passengers. Further stoppages are scheduled for later this month, while six strikes of four-hour duration are planned for June.

In a letter to drivers on Thursday, Transdev managing director Gerry Madden said the dispute had consequences “beyond money and beyond the people that remain in dispute with us”.

“You may feel that you are in so deep and lost so much this far that a few more days won’t make that much of a difference.

“There are nearly 300 people working in Transdev, and many of those are seriously concerned about their future and their long-term job security if this dispute continues.

‘One final opportunity’

“I believe we have one final opportunity to resolve this dispute amongst ourselves before very serious consequences arise for all of us.”

Mr Madden said he was committed to ensuring staff enjoyed fair and reasonable pay and conditions, as well as a decent package of benefits that were fully in line with the market.

“At this point our staff has the opportunity to work in jobs that offer long-term job security, with decent pay and conditions. That will be compromised the longer this dispute continues.”

He said staff should think about what pay improvements can be secured over the remaining period for which Transdev has the contract to operate the Luas system, and “reserve your position in relation to your aspirations for further pay progression in 2019 and beyond”.

“We all have to be realistic about what can be achieved in the short term, up to the end of the current operating contract .

“There will be multiple opportunities for further negotiations on pay and conditions in the future and it seems to me that at present there is an undue focus on the next two-three years - as if this is the last opportunity to negotiate with the company.”

The Luas drivers have amended the times of proposed June strikes to avoid causing disruption to students sitting Leaving and Junior Certificate examinations.

The four-hour stoppages scheduled for June 8th, 9th, and 10th will now take place between 6pm and 10pm.