Irish Water responds to landlords’ questions

Utility asks anyone who notices errors in its listings of rental properties to contact them

Irish Water has asked anyone with knowledge of errors in its listings of rental properties to contact the utility and help it to correct its data base.

In response to a series of questions put by letting agents and owners of private rental properties Irish Water said :

* Every rental unit in the State is to get a pack addressed personally to the occupant. If Irish Water does not have details of a tenant, the pack will be addressed to ‘The Occupier’

* Packs will only be issued to individual rental properties in so far as Irish Water is aware of them


* Landlords can contact Irish Water to advise they have let a property

* Application Packs are issued relative to the information on the Irish Water mailing list. If this is incorrect or out of date, landlords can contact Irish Water to have the information adjusted

* Irish Water will contact known landlords after the initial customer application campaign, to advise of properties for which no application has been received

* Irish Water said that when a household is occupied the tenant is liable and when vacant the owner is liable. Both should advise Irish Water of change of status to the property - the tenant to cease liability, the landlord to take it up.

Either party may take a reading and provide it to Irish Water, alternatively Irish Water will bill on average consumption, based on the date of change.

Irish Water allowances are only available to those with PPS numbers. Irish Water advises anyone not in receipt of a PPS number who wishes to avail of their free water allowances to contact the Department of Social Protection in order to get a PPS number.

Irish Water said the purpose of the customer application campaign is to build an accurate database.

Irish Water can be contacted on 1890 448 448.

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien is an Irish Times journalist