Ibec unveils 'Yes' poster campaign


The business lobby group Ibec has unveiled a poster campaign calling for a Yes vote in the fiscal treaty referendum in Dublin city centre this morning.

The posters say: "Secure Ireland's Future". Ibec director general Danny McCoy said he believed a No vote would increase the amount of time Ireland would spend in austerity and would hamper recovery, while a Yes vote would give confidence and certainty. "What Ireland needs now is growth," he said.

Mr McCoy said people making decisions about investment in Ireland were "a little bit bemused I suppose that we would be risking our access to
markets by even contemplating a No vote".

He said there was no need for scaremongering, but he believed a Yes vote would send a very positive signal.

Ibec president Julie O'Neill said a Yes vote would drive growth and recovery in the economy but a No vote would increase uncertainty
and increase the cost of servicing the State's debt.

"Driving Ireland's recovery is very important, and Europe is a very important part of that," Ms O'Neill said. "A No vote would be a dangerous step into the unknown that would leave Ireland on the sidelines of Europe and add to our economic difficulties."