HSE reports deficit of €404m to end of August


THE HSE recorded a financial deficit of €404 million to the end of August, its most recent financial report, published last night, reveals.

It said hospitals were collectively just over €200 million in the red, while the deficit in the community schemes stood at just under €150 million.

The HSE report maintained the deficit in community services was €53.9 million.

A spokesman for the HSE said the €404 million figure represented the deficit to August set out on an accrual basis.

The Dáil Public Accounts Committee was told earlier this month by health service management that on a cash basis the HSE deficit in August was €329 million, while the figure for September was €379 million.

The spokesman said the deficit figure for September set out on an accrual basis would go to the board of the organisation in a few weeks.

This figure is expected to show that the rate of the deficit is still increasing but at a decreasing rate as cuts of about €130 million announced several weeks ago began to be realised.

The financial report showed Beaumont Hospital in Dublin had the largest financial deficit in the hospital sector. Its financial deficit was running at nearly €20 million at the end of August.

The Mid Western Regional Hospital in Limerick had a deficit of €17.725 million, while the figure for Galway University Hospitals was €14.578 million.

Cork University Hospital had a deficit of €11.694 million to the end of August, while the Mater hospital in Dublin was €11.3 million in the red.