Inquiry finds doctor guilty on four counts

Dr Hossam Desoky accused of kissing, sexually molesting and bringing patient to his residence


A Medical Council ’s fitness-to-practise inquiry has found an anaesthetist who kissed a patient guilty of two counts each of professional misconduct and poor professional performance.

Dr Hossam Desoky (47) was accused of kissing, sexually molesting and bringing a patient to his on-call residence on July 13th, 2010, when she was admitted for a colonoscopy.

The doctor, who is from Egypt, denied 10 charges of acting inappropriately towards Teri Chamberlain at South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel where he had worked since 2008.

Ms Chamberlain told the hearing that she first met Dr Desoky in the lift while he was gowned up. He asked her why she had been admitted and he said he would be her doctor.

Ms Chamberlain said that after she was admitted to the ward, Dr Desoky came to her bed, kissed her on the cheeks and rubbed her hand. She thought it was strange, but also believed it may have been his culture.

After her husband and child left, he rang her on her mobile phone and inquired as to whether or not she was alone. He told her he got her mobile number from her chart.

In evidence, Ms Chamberlain said the doctor told her he had a cure for her smoking habit and led her to his residence, which was on another floor. Ms Chamberlain alleged Dr Desoky locked the door behind them and tried to push her down on to a bed, kissed her and she screamed. She claimed he then unlocked the door and left.

Phone call
The inquiry yesterday found against Dr Desoky for inviting Ms Chamberlain to his on-call residence room and kissing her. They said this amounted to professional misconduct.

They also ruled that it poor professional performance for him to call Ms Chamberlain on her mobile phone and for him not keeping adequate medical records of a chest examination of her. Six other allegations were not upheld.

The fitness-to-practise committee will prepare a report for the Medical Council, who will make a decision on sanctions to be imposed.