Call for participants for new study on the effects of dementia


People caring for those with dementia are under such a high level of ongoing stress their own cognitive function may be impaired, and they may even be at risk of developing dementia themselves at a later stage.

A new three-year study by researchers at Trinity College Dublin’s Institute for Neuroscience will study the stress levels and cognitive function of carers of partners with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The researchers are looking to recruit 300 participants over the age of 50 for the De-Stress project which is being conducted by TCD’s Neuro-Enhancement for Independent Lives (NEIL) programme.

Prof Brian Lawlor, Clinical Director of NEIL said he expected the study to show a subtle degree of impairment in carers over time. “Many caregivers are older people themselves and we already know that caring is hugely stressful. By understanding the effects of caregiving on cognitive functioning, we can think about how to develop novel interventions,” he sais.

For more, contact project coordinator Dr Maria Pertl
at or 01 8968414.