Harney says choice is SF or PDs


The choice at the next election to hold the balance of power would probably be between the Progressive Democrats and Sinn Fein, the Tanaiste, Ms Harney, said at a meeting of the party faithful in Limerick last night. In that context, she said, the killers of Det Garda Jerry McCabe, who was from Limerick, would never be released as long as the Progressive Democrats were in government.

Ms Harney was attending a 15th anniversary celebration of the party. She said elections were essentially about choosing a government and not just electing a representative.

Before the event, she said she was not certain the electorate wanted Sinn Fein to hold the balance of power. It was an extremely left wing party which was anti-enterprise and which believed in high tax rates.

The Progressive Democrats had re-positioned themselves, she added, and she was predicting the party would have more seats than the current four after the next election.

The Limerick East TD Mr Des O'Malley, said apart from the three main parties, the Progressive Democrats were the longest surviving and the strongest party ever formed in the State.