Gardaí launch murder inquiry


Gardaí have launched a murder inquiry after the discovery this morning of human remains on open ground near the Sundrive Road in Crumlin.

Gardaí were conducting a search for a missing 22-year-old man missing from the area since last September.

The discovery is the second such find in two weeks. The remains of another man were uncovered in a neighbouring area, also buried in a shallow grave.

The remains were uncovered when detectives investigating the drugs-related disappearance of a 17-year-old from Ballyfermot in the west of the city received an anonymous tip-off.

The youth vanished in January 1999 and is thought to have been killed and buried in the Clondalkin area.

His family believe he was abducted over a heroin debt of several thousand pounds.

Both bodies had been there for some time, and police said it could be a number of weeks before the identity of either man was finally confirmed.