Galway duck lays biggest egg


The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that it has accepted a duck egg laid in Belcare, Co Galway, as the largest in the world. A certificate confirming the record is being sent to Mr Willie and Ms Kitty Costello, who own Queen Maeve, the duck which laid the egg in November 1999.

Researchers at Guinness World Records in London have made extensive cross-checks to confirm that Queen Maeve's is the world's largest duck egg. Almost as big as an ostrich egg, it measures over 8" in diameter and weighs 227 grams.

When the outer shell was broken, another egg was found inside, perfectly formed and intact. A researcher with Guinness World Records, Ms Rasila Kuntwala, said that this in itself was very unusual.

Mr Costello said the family were very excited when told in a phone call from Guinness World Records that the egg was a world record.